Saturday, August 16, 2008

Annual Council Meeting of BNI

Left to right - James Curtin [Passadhi], Deirdre O'Mahony [Shambhala],
Steve Williamson [Black Mountain Zen], Bruno Breathnach [chair],
Malcolm MacClancy [Rigpa], Fiona Wilson [Mindfulness Ireland],
Alan Eustace [Jampa Ling].

Today, August 16 2008, was a very auspicious day for Buddhism in Ireland. Each of the main lineages in Ireland sent a representative to this momentous first Council Meeting. We opened discussions in may specific areas such as the ethos and vision of the Network, future projects and common aspirations.

We meditated together and acknowledged, with deep gratitude, the Dharma-work of our Root Teachers and Lineages, and the support of the Sanghas we represent.

Our common motivation is to work harmoniously together for the benefit of beings and we have set a date in October for an important feedback meeting.

The atmosphere was joyful and open, and we look forward to including, at the next meeting, Elders from Kagyu Samye Dzong, Bodhicharya, Irish Zen Group and Vipassana Association, who were unable to contribute today.