Thursday, December 3, 2009

Forthcoming Zen Sesshins in Dublin

Forthcoming Zen Sesshins
with Ingen Breen
in Dublin
Dear Friends,

We would like to let you know that Ingen Breen, a good friend of Black Mountain Zen Centre and a Zen priest and Teacher, will be resident in Dublin for the next several months.

Originally from Dublin, Ingen trained at San Francisco Zen Centre and Tassajara Mountain Monastery for over a decade, and has previously led Practice Periods at Black Mountain Zen Centre, Belfast.

No doubt many of you who know Ingen from his previous visits will appreciate the opportunity to sit togther with him again. Manifesting a calm intimate wisdom, Ingen will be leading
several Zen Sesshins in Dublin over the next few months.

Please note that as these events are not organised by BMZC you do need to contact Ingen directly to reserve a place or to have any queries answered.

All details are below. Thank you.

Ingen Breen

Ingen writes :

"Dear Friends,

Here is an opportunity to sit four sesshins in four months, in the lineage of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi
(author of Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind). You may sign up for as many or as few as your desire
and time permit.

Sesshins are subject to cancellation due to insufficient enrollment. Enrollment is limited to eight people.
Prior experience is preferred, please indicate in your email if you have done a sesshin before, how many
you have done and with whom.

Accommodation and food are included, but please note accommodation will be very basic, you will
most likely be sharing a room. For this reason, please say in your email whether or not you snore.

If you have not done a sesshin before, please write a paragraph describing your zen meditation practice
- if there are enough 'beginners' interested in a sesshin, I will make one of the sesshins 'for beginners'.

You may sign up for part of a sesshin. This would mean that you leave a day or two early, not that you
would arrive a day or two late. Please say in your email how many days you are planning to attend.

The sesshins will take place in north Dublin suburbia.
The fee for each sesshin is 40 euro per day.
The dates for the sesshins are below, and you can contact me with any queries or to reserve a place.


tele: 001510 681 9658

I look forward to seeing you all again and practicing together.


New Year's Sesshin

Five Day.

Sun, December 27th, begins 3pm
Fri, January 1st, ends 11am.

First 2010 Sesshin

Three Day

Thurs, January 21, begins 7pm
Sun, January 24th, ends 9pm

Valentine Sesshin

Five Day

Fri, February 12th, begins 7pm
Wed, February 17th, ends 9pm

Spring Equinox Sesshin

Seven Day

Wed, March 17th, begins 3pm
Wed, March 24th, ends noon.

With A Deep Bow from all at Black Mountain Zen Centre. May all beings be well and happy...